Monday, March 28, 2011

The Van Der Merwe Family

There is not a family I know that lives in more breath-taking surroundings than the Van Der Merwes. Surrounded by these beautiful mountains and stunning waterfalls, imagine waking up to this view every morning! Wow! Thank-you so much for allowing me to come and photograph you guys on your farm. I had lots of fun and so glad I got some chickens again!

Perhaps you are wondering about the chickens?? Well here's the story; Jean and his cousin Chris have a chicken business. Very avid business men always seek opportunities to grow and of course sell! You see I had purchased chickens in the past from these two brilliant business men, but due to human error they were savagely consumed by my Alsatian two days upon arrival! As news travels fast in my home town, these two, upon hearing of my unfortunate news had the brand new chickens ready for sale! One-stop chicken shop! I LIKE! “Dankie julle twee!”

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