Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gillian & Stuart

Wow, wow, wow! I feel so honoured to share these photo's with you. What an amazing privledge it was have photographed Gillian and Stuart's wedding.

I only met Gillian and Stuart in person the day before their wedding. They have been living abroad for the past 10 years and decided to celebrate their special day with wonderful family and friends in South Africa. And what other beautiful venue to choose, but Mpumalanga's best kept secret The Cowshed. (Please go check out their beautiful website!)

Gillian and Stuart, I was really touched by the sincerity of your friends and family. And believe that having these wonderful treasures can only bring you much joy and happiness throughout your lifetime. I know your union will be a blessing to others and especially to the lifetime partner you have chosen.

Thank you so much Gillian and Stuart for allowing me to capture your special day! Enjoy!
19 February 2011

The Nguni cattle of The Cowshed.

Stuart taking care of the "Lebola"..

You guys were so much fun! We were a little behind schedule, but this last photo had to be done..

Funbooth fun!!

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  1. This is great photos!!! You can feel the amazing atmosphere and I don’t even know them! Good Job Kim ;-)